What Is A Topic Sentence In An Essay Yahoo

Best Answer:  It is amazing to think about __________

Let me explain ____________________

You’ll be excited to learn that ________

Do you realize that _________________

Have you ever thought about _________

Have you ever wondered ____________

Let me tell you about _______________

Of course, everyone agrees that _______

Actually, _________________________

It is interesting to note that ___________

In a funny sort of way ______________

Surprisingly, ______________________

Nowadays, _______________________

Usually, _________________________

It’s incredible that _________________

Most often _______________________

Now that _________________________

By the way, ______________________

You’d better believe that ____________

You’ll soon see that ________________

Don’t you think that ________________

Wouldn’t you agree that _____________

Certainly _________________________

Normally, ________________________

Finally, __________________________

Experts agree that __________________

Let me fill you in on ________________

There are many reasons that _________

There are many ways in which _______

Would you believe that _____________

So, what about ____________________

Incredibly, _______________________

It is true that ______________________

So, you want to understand how ______

Why do __________________________

How can _________________________

When do _________________________

Where can _______________________

How do(es) _______________________

Most people agree that ______________

Of course, ________________________

For sure, _________________________

Often times, ______________________

For years, ________________________

Sometimes _______________________

Historically _______________________

It’s hard to believe, but _____________

You will find that __________________

You’ll soon discover that ____________

So, _____________________________

No one will argue that ______________

Without a doubt, __________________

In the first place ___________________

Imagine _________________________

Let me tell you, ___________________

In many ways, ____________________

So, why is (are) ___________________

What’s so great about _______________

Source(s): I just copied and pasted these. Some are better than others -- try to avoid "I" and "you" in academic papers. Anyway, I just typed in "Sentence Starters" into Google. There's lots of pages with these.

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Best Answer:  The thesis is the main idea of your essay. It is found in the opening paragraph.
A topic sentence is the main idea of each paragraph that supports your thesis statement. You should know the main idea of the whole paragraph by reading the topic sentence.
Here is an example for you, just using a thesis and topic sentences:

Cats are the greatest pets in the world. (thesis sentence)
Cats can thrive with very little attention from their owners. (paragraph one topic sentence, back up with examples such as they use the litter box by themselves, they don't need to be walked, etc.)
Cats are very affectionate animals. (paragraph two topic sentence, this next paragraph must be all about how affectionate cats are)
Cats are inexpensive to own. (paragraph three topic sentence, back up by statistics about cost of cats versus dogs)

You can see that the thesis is the main idea of your entire composition, and it is the topic sentence of the introductory paragraph. The topic sentences in all the supporting paragraphs must sum up what you are going to say in the paragraph, and must support the idea in your thesis statement.


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