I Miss My School Life Essay

No matter how good your college life may be, there is nothing that can match those good ol' school days. Those are what made you into the person you are. Here are 12 things you'll terribly miss about your school all your life.

1. Bunking school was nothing short of an adventure for us students! Even though you're going to bunk almost every day in college, the kick will never be the same. Remember the first time you bunked school and tried a cigarette with your best friend, constantly worried that your teachers might call up your parents? Of course, bunking college will be fun too, but you're going to miss that thrill.


2. Most colleges don't get over before 4pm. Gone are the days when you'd be free as soon as the clock struck two in the afternoon. Very soon, you're going to long for those relaxed afternoons when you hung out with your school mates after school, went home and still had time for a power nap.


3. Heading to tuitions and coaching classes after school meant some more time with friends. And if there were kids from your own school in the same coaching centre, you had the time of your life! Who studied anyway?


4. No matter how much you hated them while in school, once you settle in your college life, you'd know that your school teachers were the ones who actually cared. College is a grown-up place where most people wouldn't bother about you. You'll miss that one teacher who was your guiding light throughout.


5. Oh, the school uniforms. The guys wore it as low on the waist as possible and girls folded up their hems exposing their legs, just to make themselves look cooler! Modifying uniforms and getting punished for it later, hating the uniform and later fighting with friends from other schools over whose uniform was better - there are just too many memories to let go of. Also, where else do you get to wear blazers in winters?


6. In school, everybody knew everybody. It won't be the same in college. Chances are, most of you went to one school all your life. You're going to miss the sense of belonging and ownership that your school gave you.


7. And if you did go to the same school all your life, you've probably known your friends for the longest time ever! Wouldn't it be hard to leave your childhood buddies behind? You may make new friends in college, but nothing in the world will be able to replace that childhood bond.


Don't Miss

8. We know you always thought the assemblies were torturous. But guess what? From trying your best to not get caught by the discipline committee for wearing the wrong socks to talking to the girls in the adjacent line to faking illness just to escape from the scorching sun - you're going to miss it all.


9. You were something in school. Everybody was something in school. People knew you for your achievements, for the time you were expelled for carrying out a fight outside school, for being the best sportsman, for being the most popular guy in school. College is a big world where you'd be left alone to fend for yourself.


10. You'll miss breaking the rules. Sneaking in phones, bursting crackers in toilets, surfing banned websites in the computer lab - these things won't even be half as much fun as they were back in school.


11. The thing that got us going every week was the sports/ physical training period. That one hour was the best part of your day. Cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor sports - there was so much you could choose from.


12. Celebrating birthdays will never be the same once you're out of school. In primary school, your birthday was the day you got to dress up in your best casuals while the whole school wore the uniform. Every teacher wished you; the whole school knew it was your birthday. In short, you were a star! And not to miss the privilege of missing all the classes just to distribute sweets in the whole school!


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I miss my school days, where I spent 10 yrs
The years of laughter, friendship, jealous

where teacher thaught us.
The respect, the knowledge of life

I miss my school days, where we all friends played together,
We played the games of true friendship,
And promised to be friends for forever,
We played the games of love, which we never gonna forget,

I miss my school days, where we made every
Fun memorable.
Where we laughed at each other jokes,
We cried at each other sorrow

I miss my school days, where we took participation
In every sports, in every occasion,
Where we cheered up each other
Where there was no place for hate, in losing.

I miss my school days, where I saw many relation
Build up, and many relation break,
But at the end we all were together, erasing all the jealous.

I miss my school days, where teacher scold on every of our mistakes,
And encouraged and motivated us on every occasion,
Where she teached us like teacher, loved us like our mother,
Who teached us the respect, and encouraged to move in life.

I miss my school days. Where we carried our heavy bags on our back,
Around the streets, and shared jokes, pain, sorrow,
Ran at the roads, with our heavy bags,
Cherishing our memories with every step.
Which never gonna forget, in our life time.

I never gonna forget those days.
And I really miss those days.

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