Photo Essay Ideas For A High School Project

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Let's look at a few examples of some photo essays. Each photo essay has a message that it is trying to portray. The photos are consistent and tell a story.

"What the World Eats"

The following photo essay is titled "What the World Eats." It is a series of 16 images that portray families from around the world and how much food that family would eat within a week.


THIS photo essay is titled "Horses." The photographer shows his love of horses by depicting a day in the life of taking care of a horse.

"The World's Most Spectacular Roads"

The following photo essay is titled "The World's Most Spectacular Roads." This photo essay is actually a series of 20 images of beautiful roadways.

"Banana Republic"

The following photo essay is titled "Banana Republic." The photographer captured what it's like picking bananas in Costa Rica.


These example photo essays are all extremely meaningful topics to the photographers. The photographers also had chances to travel places where you might not be able to go right now. When thinking of a topic for your photo essay, think about something that is meaningful to you and then document it. It could be a day in the life with your mom, or a soccer game. Pick something that has significance.

Holy Lurker Batman.

I think fast food is boring. You need something with range that will hopefully draw emotion or educate people a little.

As an example, we did a fun photo essay of a temple here in Bangkok. We got shots of people showing respect to Buddha, the statues, and things that convey the 'feel' of the temple. That is what you want to strive for when doing a photo essay. You want a range of images that 'tells a story.'

For the OP, it might help if we knew what setting you lived in. A small country town is going to have a different subject than a big city.

*problems in ur city (idk...maybe theres a local park being torn down or smething like that and you could take a stand on that..... you kno what i mean...)

these are both good suggestions and leave for a lot of range

You could also do something creative like a guy that took pictures of his feet in all different situations. Like riding a dog sled, skiing, walking in rain, etc... the theme was his feet and where they went.

Beeya wrote in post #7775739
I am also thinking about doing photo essay on Fast Food but I am not sure how to proceed. I have taken pictures of fast food resturants but thats about it.. I was wondering If you can help me out and share some ideas. That would be really helpful.

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