Case Study Coffee On Sandy Blvd


5347 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR97213
(503) 477-8221

I'm so excited to have found such a great local coffee shop nearby! The Case Study is a quiet, cozy place in the Hollywood area for an afternoon cappuccino and some people watching. I love that it's close to Whole Foods and my bank. Exceptional service, fabulous coffee, terrific it

Nice medium-sized and cozy coffee shop on busy Sandy. Two large doors open to an angled space with mellow cream and wood tones inside. Warm lighting and dark marble service counters keep things subdues with copper-covered tables to work at. A timeworn floor and small speakers add the right tone and background feel. Typical coffee shop menu is simple and inexpensive. Quick service is a clear indicator of the skills behind the bar, and the overall cleanliness speaks of attention to detail. The folks behind the counter are very nice, smiling and chatting and genuinely having a good time. There are a few outlets sprinkled around the room, but you should probably have your batteries charged if you plan on working here. If not, you'll find yourself watching the traffic on Sandy through the large front windows, which is enjoyable in itself. Solid 4 stars, my new neighborhood shop.

$6.50 iced latte (Almond milk) even though I get half the coffee and half the flavor. That stinks

Lovely little coffee shop serving snacks and custom made lattes. Nice, inviting environment. Got the drip coffee of the day and it was served from a table top, push button dispenser that seems to only keep my coffee warm for the first 2 sips. Other than that, nice place.

2 stars for the coffee girl-- she's cute and made a pretty mocha. I also ordered mine w almond milk-- wasn't sure if I'd like a detour from my usual Breve, but it was smooth and creamy I don't care for a sweet coffee, but our mochas had very little flavor. We asked for more syrup and I was given a small squirt, my brother was directed to a side table to add his own simple syrup. $6.50 each/ $14 total w tip. For coffee. Ouch!

I love their seasonal concoctions (see previous reviews.) While their homemade Egg Nog was tasty and a re-order item, I'm a bigger fan of the carton variety you get at Safeway during the holidays. One reason is that the latter is much thicker. Still one of the top overall coffee shops in Portland.

This is one of my favorite place to come and connect with friends or work on a project. It is loud enough that talking is. It off limits and the music isn't so irrational loud that focus on work is lost. It has the feel of the perfect cafe with plenty of table space and plug ins for all. The atmosphere is simple without being austere or unfriendly. Very inviting and friendly. I would recommend it very highly.

Came here for the first time to meet a friend and arrived a touch early - so fun to people watch and see customers repeatedly visit the counter to refill their drinks. It appears that some like it so much they stay for hours and I could see why; the ambiance is great for solo activities (like reading or working), social engagements and, most definitely, Portland people watching. Drinks are solid, too! A new favorite, I think :-)

Awesome service, strong cold brew and a cool place to hang out. Always love when a place is open before 7 for coffee for my pre-work pitstop. 12 oz cold brew was $3.50 or $3.75. Also tasted a Fleur de sel caramel latte. Melty rich smooth foam atop creamy delicious coffee. Notable! Right next door is Bakeshop that opens at 7am so if you come before 7 you can enjoy a cup before you grab a perfect pastry.

Definitely a bit out of the way from my usual inner SE spots, but a great shop. It's large and spacious. The feel is a bit eclectic, with a large (probably close to 14') table that would fit right in a quiet library reading room, and then a half-dozen or so copper-top tables for two. Along the large store-front windows, there's a counter tops with another half-dozen seats and aluminum Navy chair stools (or maybe knock-offs?). On a Sunday after noon, there were close to a dozen folks in the space, a mix of those catching up and having conversations and those on laptops. The laptop users were mainly around the edges of the room (likely to take advantage of outlets). The counter top along the window gave me the option to work while standing (which is a definite plus for me). While I'd like to think I can make a differentiation between bad and good coffee, I'm not enough of a coffee snob to really differentiate between good and great coffee . . . the cold brew I had hit the spot.

Coffee had a nice bold flavor without it tasting too acidic. Really chill atmosphere and staff seemed happy to be there. Great place to spend a lazy morning reading the paper and drinking good coffee.

They have a great space for all kinds of things. Informal meetings, studying, relaxing, it's pretty comfortable. They get some of their snacks from the bake shop next door. Well done! I had a dirty Chris latte and an onion bagel with cream cheese. The latte was great and came out fast. The lady made the bagel but just left it on the back counter for some reason. Their drip coffee is great. A testament to any great roaster is the having a smooth black coffee. And they do.

I like this place. A lot, actually. However, the other day I ordered a 12 oz mocha and was charged $5.25? I thought that I had heard the barista wrong. I really wasn't trying to be rude, but genuinely thought that I had misheard her. Perhaps it is old fashioned of me, but I tend to expect 12 oz mochas to be in the $3- $4 dollar range and I usually leave a dollar tip. But $5.25?!

I made a special trip out here to try the hazelnut latte, which was just ok.. the worst part was the service. The people helping me were just so unfriendly. The barista made my drink at first using the wrong milk, and when I offered to take that one too (why waste? I was sharing the drink and could have used more) he bluntly replied, "I'd rather just give you the drink that you ordered." And he threw it away!! If there's one thing I cannot stand, it's wastage. And hatred. I found both at this place. Will never return.

Drinks were good, but can someone explain to me why if you order a latte you get your drink brought to you, but if you order an americano you have to go get it yourself? Kind of weird, no?

My last stop before concluding my Portland trip. This is one of the best coffees I have ever had! I didn't have anything special, just the coffee of the day, which was Ethiopian. This cafe roasts seasonal coffees and they also have daily specials... I seriously fell in love with this place and was almost sad to leave Portland because of this... but then I cheered myself up, reminding myself that LA also has a lot of great cafes. Anyway, this will be my first stop when I return to Portland! :) I definitely want to try the latte and some of the teas next time I visit.

I would say this is the worst of the three locations. The vibe just isn't that great. The drinks are also not made with much care. My latte was not extra hot like I asked and the texture of the foam was off but what saddened me the most was that he gave me an 8 oz when I asked and paid for a 12 oz! :(

I really want to love this place. I've tried to like this place, three times now. The staff is always warm and super friendly and if there was a way to rate the service alone, they would get five stars. I always order signature/seasonal/special lattes from places that offer them. They are my kryptonite. Each of the three times I've done so here, they've been lackluster in flavor. They also don't warm the milk on a "hot" latte at all, they take it straight from the fridge and plop it right into the cup, making the overall latte temperature lukewarm at best. Today I ordered their special orange blossom iced latte, thinking that this would avoid the temperature problem. I ordered and paid for a 16 ounce latte. The barista pulled out a 12 ounce cup, filled it 3/4 with ice, poured about a shot of the orange blossom flavor over the ice, then filled the cup with milk nearly to the top. Then a second barista pulled an espresso shot and poured that over the top and handed it to me. I told them I had ordered a 16 ounce and the barista who took my order was apologetic and immediately grabbed a 16 ounce cup. But instead of remaking the drink, she simply poured the first one into the new cup and filled the rest of it with milk. Just plain, cold milk. "So the only difference between a 12 ounce latte and a 16 ounce is four ounces of milk?" I asked. The second barista said "yes, and more flavor" (there was never any additional flavor added). Then I asked how many shots are in a 12 ounce vs. a 16 ounce and he replied, "two, there are two in both." I only saw him pour in one to begin with. There's a chance he's a rapid espresso shot puller and I missed one of the shots being poured in... maybe? Even if he did add two shots of espresso to the original drink, are you telling me that four more ounces of an espresso drink doesn't actually require more espresso? Is this standard practice everywhere except Starbucks and I just never knew? Whatever the case, my latte tastes like I just paid over $5 for a plastic cup full of ice and milk with a subtle hint of a bitter flower. And for me, this is three strikes and I'm off to much better coffee.

After hitting up Pitch Dark next door, we needed somewhere to duck out of the rain, sit for a bit and plan our next move. Case Study fit the bill perfectly. It had that coffee house feel one would expect to find in PDX. I went with the White Chocolate Ganache Latte and my husband ordered the Cascara (coffee cherry) tea. My latte was delicious and truly made with a chunk of ganache rather than some super processed syrup. I watched as the barista lovingly made sure the ganache melted into the espresso. Great little shop on Sandy Blvd and will definitely have them on our list if/when we are back in Portland.

This is a great space on a busy street--a little refuge, like so many coffee shops aspire to be. They're doing a great job at it, too, and everyone seems to know. We checked it out around 10 on a Sunday morning, and we were lucky to find seats. It's an older space, with big windows that go nearly floor to ceiling. There are long communal tables and some other mixed seating. Coffee and tea bar off to the left, full lineup, and a decent-sized pastry case with bagels, sweets, and so on. The staff here are very friendly and sweet (and caffeinated to a higher power, which should not surprise anyone). Prices are fair--I want to say I paid $3 for a bagel and an iced tea. My buddy A got some sort of prepared coffee (I'm terrible with the names) and they put pretty little hearts and things in the foam. Making fun of the bald, goateed dudes in Seahawks gear? Perhaps. Smelled really good, though. And he's getting married in a couple weeks, so coffee with hearts in the foam is probably the right drink for the morning after his bachelor party. I'd have to give the parking here one star at the most, but it's close enough to town that there's no room to grumble about that. Dig this place and will happily come back.

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