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Direct to College is a new admission process that assures incoming freshman students who are admitted into the College of Engineering that they can pursue an engineering degree at the UW. The changes take effect for the incoming freshman class of 2018. For details, see:

April 2017 announcement  Direct to College FAQ

We welcome your application! Before you apply, make sure you meet the department's minimum requirements and understand that meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee an offer of admission.

How you apply to the ME department depends on your class standing and when you were admitted to the UW, as outlined below. If you have questions about admission, contact ME undergraduate advising.

High school students – Direct to College

Beginning with students admitted to UW for autumn 2018

Freshman applicants who meet UW admissions criteria and who list an engineering department (or Engineering-undecided) as their first choice major on the UW application will automatically be considered for Direct to College admission.

Freshman students admitted via this process will enter the College of Engineering as Engineering Undeclared Students. These students will be able to place into one of the College’s engineering majors if they meet minimum progress requirements.

If the number of Engineering Undeclared students requesting placement into a major exceeds the department capacity for Engineering Undeclared students, a competitive matching process will be used. The department will use a holistic review process that considers grades and a personal statement to guide the matching process. If you have questions about Direct to College admission, the placement process, or advising for Engineering Undeclared Students, see the College of Engineering website.

Students admitted to UW as Engineering Undeclared starting autumn 2018

To be eligible for placement into the BSME program you should have completed all of the following requirements with a minimum grade of 2.5 in each course and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

UW freshmen - early admission

For UW students admitted as freshmen in 2017 or earlier

Early admission is for current UW students who have completed their first year and are ready to apply to the department. Admission is competitive, and if you are not accepted for early admission, you can reapply for upper division admission the next year without any negative impact.

Department application and deadline

The College of Engineering department application opens mid-June and is due July 1.

Even when the application is not open, you can read the list of requirements and see the personal statement prompts by visiting the online application to prepare.


You may apply for early admission if you have been enrolled at the University of Washington for at least one quarter and have completed all of the following requirements with a minimum grade of 2.5 in each course and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

UW sophomores - upper division admission

For UW students admitted as freshmen in 2017 or earlier and students admitted after autumn 2017 to majors other than Engineering Undeclared

Students admitted to UW as pre-engineering students or a non-engineering major in 2017 or earlier complete prerequisites and apply for admission to engineering departments at the end of the first year (early admission) or at end of the second year (upper division admission).

Department application and deadline

The College of Engineering department application opens mid-June and is due July 1.

Even when the application is not open, you can read the list of requirements and see the personal statement prompts by visiting the online application to prepare.


To be eligible for upper admission, you must meet the following requirements. Use the sample schedules to help plan when to take the courses required for admission.

  • Cumulative UW GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Grade of 2.0 or higher in each prerequisite course
  • Completed the following prerequisite courses or equivalent:

1PHYS 123 is not a prerequisite, but it is a graduation requirement, and we recommend finishing it directly after PHYS 122.

Transfer students

For students at a community college or university other than UW

To be eligible to apply, transfer students must meet the upper division admission requirements listed above. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult the UW Equivalency Guide and the ME Course Planning Sheet to ensure all required prerequisite coursework is completed before the July 1 deadline. Advising sessions for transfer students will be offered weekly, Wednesday afternoons from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. You may schedule an appointment with an ME advisor online.

Transferring in to ME involves two separate admissions processes. You must complete both by the deadlines below to be considered. The Transfer application deadlines are changing starting in 2019. Note that the deadline for the UW application is significantly earlier than for departmental applications.

Learn more about transferring into an engineering major on the College of Engineering transfer webpage.

Start quarterApplication deadlines

Through 2018

  1. Apply to UW starting mid-December. Applications due February 15.
  2. Apply for ME upper division. Application period is mid-June to July 1.
Starting 2019
  1. Apply to UW mid-December to February 15.
  2. Apply for ME upper admission by April 5.

Selection criteria

Selection is based on various factors including overall academic track record, grades in prerequisite courses and cumulative GPA, personal statement, and the potential for success as an ME major and in the profession. We encourage prospective students to schedule an appointment with undergraduate advising to understand how to be a competitive applicant.

Visit the Admission and enrollment statistics page to view statistics for previous classes.

Notification and appeals

Students who apply by the July 1 deadline are notified of acceptance or denial by the end of July.

If you are denied admission to the ME department, and you feel important facts were overlooked by the committee, you will have an opportunity to appeal the decision. Directions for this process will be detailed in your emailed letter. The admissions committee will begin to review appeals after College of Engineering acceptance deadline in early August.

A total of 180 credits are required for the BSME degree. Regardless of the number of mechanical engineering courses taken at another institution, a minimum of 45 credits in ME courses must be taken in residence at the University of Washington. Students must achieve a minimum 2.0 grade in each engineering fundamental and mechanical engineering core course.

Written & oral communication12 cr. 
English Composition5 cr.Any course selected from the UW English composition list
ENGR 2313 cr.Introduction to Technical Communication
Additional composition or writing or ME 3544 cr. 
Engineering fundamentals31 cr. 
AA 2104 cr.Engineering Statics
CEE 2204 cr.Introduction to Mechanics of Materials
ME 2304 cr.Kinematics and Dynamics
AMATH 3014 cr.Beginning Scientific Computing
EE 2154 cr.Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
IND E 315 or MATH 3903 cr.Probability and Statistics for Engineers
ME 1234 cr.Introduction to Visualization and Computer-Aided Design
MSE 1704 cr.Fundamentals of Material Science
Areas of Knowledge24 cr.General education requirements
Visual, Literary and Performing Arts (VLPA)10 cr.At least 10 credits required
Individuals & Societies (I&S)10 cr.At least 10 credits required
Areas of Knowledge4 cr.Additional VLPA or I&S courses to reach 24 credit total
ME option courses19 cr.From the list of approved 400-level ME courses
ME 4063 cr.Corrosion and Surface Treatment of Materials
ME 4103 cr.Nanodevices: Design and Manufacture
ME 4113 cr.Biological Frameworks for Engineers
ME 4153 cr.Sustainability and Design for Environment
ME 4254 cr.HVAC Engineering
ME 4263 cr.Renewable Energy II
ME 4304 cr.Advanced Energy Conversion Systems
ME 4314 cr.Advanced Fluid Mechanics
ME 4403 cr.Advanced Mechanics of Materials and Solids
ME 4424 cr.Renewable Energy
ME 4454 cr.Introduction to Biomechanics
ME 4503 cr.Introduction to Composite Materials and Design
ME 4603 cr.Kinematics and Linkage Design
ME 4613 cr.Mechanics of Thin Films
ME 4694 cr.Applications of Dynamics in Engineering
ME 4703 cr.Mechanical Vibrations
ME 4714 cr.Automatic Control
ME 4734 cr.Instrumentation
ME 4774 cr.Embedded Computing in Mechanical Systems
ME 4784 cr.Finite Element Analysis
ME 4804 cr.Introduction to Computer-Aided Technology
ME 4981-5 cr.Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
ME 4992-5 cr.Special Projects

This guide supplements the University of Washington course catalog, time schedules, and other announcements about registration. Students are responsible for planning their program of studies and for remaining informed of dates, deadlines, rules, and regulations. Contact the undergraduate adviser for help planning your course of study.

Transfer credit

A maximum of 90 credits may be transferred from a two-year college and a maximum of 135 credits obtained from a four-year ABET-accredited college may be transferred. However, of the courses needed to satisfy departmental requirements for a BSME, some have direct transfer, and others may be used only if approved by the Undergraduate Adviser and Associate Chair for Academics. For more information see the UW Transfer Credit Policies.

General education requirements

The College of Engineering requires that all degree programs include a minimum of 24 credits in the Areas of Knowledge: Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA) and Individuals and Societies (I&S). Course selection to fulfill the VLPA/I&S requirements must meet the following selection criteria: A minimum of 10 credits of VLPA and 10 credits of I&S. A total of 24 credits of VLPA/I&S credits. Foreign language courses at the third quarter level or above (e.g., GERMAN 103) may be applied towards VLPA credits.

ME option courses

The BSME requirements include a minimum of 19 credits of ME option courses. These courses are designed for seniors and most require many of the 300-level courses as prerequisites. A maximum of 6 credits of ME 499 (Special Projects) may count toward the option course requirement. The two formal degree options have a set of courses students must take to earn those options.

Non-ME courses as ME option

Occasionally students wish to substitute a 300 or 400 level course offered by another College of Engineering department for ME option course credits. By petition, up to 3 credits of a 300 or 400 level class offered by another engineering department may be applied to satisfy the 19 required option credits of ME. Classes in another department that are equivalent to a required ME class (e.g., CEE 342 for ME 333) will not count for ME option credit.

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