Cs507 Current Assignment

Today's paper. MCQs were bit easy... nothing from past paper. 

2) Define Any two Active Attacks

3) Difference between Entity and Entity Set 

4) Three types of Attacks given identify them. 

i) 9/11 Attack ii) Email Attachment iii) Cyber Attack

5) Three Ethical Challenges of Information system security association of USA

6) Describe relationship between following:

Supervisor and Department 

Student and School 

7) Statements given regarding privacy in company and explain them. 

8) Scenario base situation regarding data security

Difference between E commerce and E business .

Phases of risk management .

System analyst define .

Match the column A and B .

Identify the types of risk. 

Bki question scanerio basis ky thy

 Total 52 questions
Why employees resist for change of enterprise analysis software 

Three Ethical Challenges of Information system security association of USA

VPN stand for? Why organization use.

Flow chart symbols 5

What to do senior management in case of threat

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CS507 Assignment Scenario: 

(15 Marks)

https://www.24hours.pk/ is an online shopping website, which facilitate customers with hassle free buying of discount products over internet. Customers can buy any kind of products such as mobiles, electronics, clothes etc. Customers can pay bill online very easily. A brief description of the website is as follows:

To sign up into https://www.24hours.pk/, a new customer has to register himself/herself for online shopping. The customer provides his/her first-name, last-name, mobile no, email id, home address, city, and password in sign up form. Now customer can sign in providing his/her credentials. The customer can purchase any product such as mobiles, electronics, and clothes etc. Each product has its product id and product name, product description, and product price. A customer can purchase more than one products. Customer can pay the bill online by filling a shipment voucher by providing his full name, contact number, address, city, and payment mode (cash or credit card). Customer can pay more than one bill from his bank account.


Now, by keeping the above scenario, you are required to:

Question no 1:

Identify the entities and the related attributes. (5 Marks)

Question no 2:

List down the type of attributes in appropriate column of below table. (5 Marks)

Multi value attributes   Derived attributes   Composite attributes

Question no 3:

Design Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), showing proper relationship among the entities. (10 Marks)

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