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Kent E. Hovind (or, use his full academic title Kent E. Hovind, inmate #06452-017[2]) is a young Earth creationist, promoter of imminent millennialism, and convicted felon.

Hovind promotes young Earth creationist and Christiandominionist views in lectures and videos sold or publicized through his Creation Science Evangelism organization (despite having no legitimate[note 2] degree).

Hovind created The Hovind "Theory" to explain how the global flood got all the water — namely, a comet did it. Hovind then proceeded to ignore all scientific evidence on dinosaurs gathered this side of 1960. Not satisfied with this record of failure, in 2001, Hovind started Dinosaur Adventure Land, an amusement park in his backyard.

Hovind subscribes to strawman theory, which holds that the government can't touch you because "KENT HOVIND" and "Kent Hovind" aren't the same. No, really. This "sovereign American" nonsense (and his support of tax protesting) understandably hurt his case in court. Hovind also promotes numerous anti-governmentconspiracy theories, literally connecting "evolution, Communism, the New World Order, and the IRS"[3], and has even sold books promoting anti-Semitism.[4]

In November 2006, a federal jury found Kent guilty of several tax-related charges and sentenced him to 10 years prison. Following Kent's imprisonment, his son Eric Hovind — who, although also a creationist, is notably more lucid and grounded in reality — took control of the businesses and remade them into God Quest Inc. (holding corporation), Creation Today (publishing house) and the Creation Store (money maker). Hovind was released from federal custody on 8 July 2015 with three years' probation.[5]

In 2016, Kent Hovind divorced his wife of 40 years, Jo Hovind, and remarried a divorcee and Anti-Vax crusader [6]. (disregarding for just a moment what Matthew 5:32 among others prescribes on that topic).[7] This was after Kent condemned his wife Jo to a year in prison for the tax-fraud related matters because he refused to admit that he was solely responsible for the scam. This perhaps explains why the divorce was uncontested. Hovind is also reported to be locking horns with Eric.[8][9]. In 2017, the marriage with Mary Tocco was over, with her leaving Kent claiming to feel "unsafe".

As of 2017, Kent Hovind has resurrected himself as a self-styled YouTube "personality", but usually speeds his time shooting himself in the foot and permanent damage-control mode, in the best tradition of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Hovind has expressed an intention to re-open his "Dinosaur Adventure Land" facility at a new location in Alabama. Hovind boasts the theme park will be uninsured, and that children going on rides will "do so at their own risk". The compound regularly attracts unpaid volunteers, who share Sov-Cit conspiracy theories, and that never ends badly.

And, to ice the cake, he tried (and failed) to sue RationalWiki.

Qualifications, or lack thereof[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Kent Hovind's doctoral dissertations

Hovind refers to himself as "Dr. Kent Hovind" or as "Dr. Dino" to provide a veneer of respectability to those who have not examined his education or background.[10] He also claims to have "taught high school math and science" for fifteen years.[11] These are less impressive than they sound: he obtained his doctorates by mail order and never taught at a school requiring accredited credentials.

As of 2013, Hovind claims four doctorates, in education, theology and biblical ministry with an honorary degree in divinity.[12]

His first Ph.D., obtained before his vacation in Club Fed:

  1. is from Patriot Bible University, a degree mill.[13][14][15][16][17] Patriot sells doctorates for approximately $2,000.[18][19]
  2. is in "Christian education." Hovind is quiet about the "Christian" part, instead describing it merely as in "education."
  3. is not recognized by any legitimate university, professional association, or governmental agency. Patriot Bible University only offers "programs which are religious in nature" and their "degrees or diplomas have no state recognition."[20]
  4. is officially unavailable to the public. Real doctoral dissertations are readily available through libraries or online. On December 9, 2009, Hovind's dissertation was uploaded to WikiLeaks[21] and that copy mirrors the substandard quality — with spelling and grammar mistakes typical of a high school student — previously described by the few who had read it.[22]
  5. was reviewed by only one person, Wayne Knight[23], the president of Patriot[24][25]. In contrast, the standard practice for Ph.D. dissertations is four or five doctoral committee members.

His 2013 Doctorate of Biblical Ministry (D.Min) is also from Patriot. His dissertation was made for sale as an e-book, entitled What on Earth is about to Happen... for Heaven's Sake?: A Dissertation on End Times According to the Bible, and claims Jesus will return in 2028.[26]

Hovind neglects to mention which institutions awarded the theological doctorate and honorary divinity doctorate, probably because — like the Patriot doctorates — they are also the educational equivalent of an online ordination by the Universal Life Church.[27]

Hovind listed himself as "Dr." in the Pensacola phone book, which is unusual even for someone with a real M.D or Ph.D. His blog, however, warned supporters that any mail addressed to "Dr. Kent Hovind" at the prison where he resided would be returned by the prison's mailroom staff.[28]

When Hovind says he "taught high school math and science," he really means he taught children at three private Christian schools run out of churches (one of which he founded—by the way, good luck trying to verify his teaching record; internet search results turn up nothing).[29] At no point did Hovind earn any recognized credentials that would allow him to teach at public school or any school that requires accreditation.

Despite having no scientificcredentials or even an accredited degree, he presents himself as someone who understands the science of evolution better than people with advanced science degrees who research in labs and publish peer-reviewed papers. During his presentations, he sounds like an auctioneer or a used car salesman when he is attempting to make a point by getting his audience to buy a video or book from him. Many of his slideshows read like a top 10 list of commonly seen (and refuted) "evidences" for creationism that contain little to no actual data or proof. These arguments are interjected with unfunny "jokes" and anecdotes, which are topped off with a healthy serving of mined quotes. And like any good creationist, he is not above and in fact seems to enjoy spreading the false claim that Darwin caused the Holocaust.

Many of Hovind's claims can be easily refuted by merely reading Hovind's alleged references or doing basic math. For example, in Thunderf00t's Why Do People Laugh at Creationists? series, Hovind is quoted saying:

“”One drop of water will cover the world if you spread it real thin.

—Kent Hovind[30]

Hovind's statement is off by a factor of one trillion. The surface area of the Earth is about 500,000,000 km2 (or 5x1012 m2, which is 5x1032 angstroms squared) and the size of a watermolecule ("the smallest identifiable unit into which a pure substance can be divided[31]") is about 10 angstroms.[32] To find out how much water you would need to coat the world in a monolayer of water, you divide the surface of the world by the water molecule; the result is you would need a minimum of 150,000 tons of water. This is approximately 1,000,000,000,000 times Hovind's claim.[note 3]

Besides his poor math skills, Hovind doesn't fare much better in biology or being honest about what scientific papers say. Hovind seeks to "debunk" carbon dating by citing scientific literature, but what he actually does is mine quotes, take material out of context and invent alleged quotes out of whole cloth. In Seminar 7: Questions and Answers, he speaks about a scientific paper and displays this alleged quote on a slide:

“”One part of Dima [a baby frozen mammoth] was 40,000, another part was 26,000 and the ‘wood immediately around the carcass’ was 9-10,000.

—Slide used and discussed by Kent Hovind[33]

In less than ten seconds, Hovind presents the quote and reference as evidence radiometric dating doesn't work and skips to his next slide. If you check the claim, you will find that the quote does not exist, and the article cited does not refer to the stated species, date or even continent.[34] Sadly, many creationists take Hovind at his word and simply recycle his claims without checking the references.[35]

Yet, there are some creationists who do investigate Hovind's claims and have concluded that Hovind's statements do not stand up to scrutiny. For example, a Creation Ministries International article by Carl Wieland, Ken Ham and Jonathan Sarfati reported: "Kent Hovind’s document repeatedly misrepresents or misunderstands not only our article, but the issues themselves."[36]

"Dr." Dino: Creationism & the Hovind "Theory"[edit]

One might say that Hovind's "Theory" is as much a "theory" as Kent is a "doctor".


See the main article on this topic: Dinosaur

True to his self-proclaimed nickname "Dr. Dino", Hovind has made dinosaurs a focal point in his preaching. However, aside from promoting the usual creationist mantra that dinosaurs and man coexisted before and shortly after the global flood, he goes far beyond simply the age of dinosaurs, and straight-up rejects most information postdating the Dinosaur Renaissance, a scientific revolution leading to the discovery that dinosaurs were not cold-blooded, sluggish Godzilla-like monsters, but were, in fact, warm blooded and active animals with bird-like respiratory systems and sometimes sporting feathers.

He claims that birds are not descended from dinosaurs,[37] and that the latter were in fact nothing more than cold-blooded "big lizards" that lived in Eden prior to the Flood,[38][39] despite the fact that dinosaurs have little in common with true lizards.[40] To give a specific example, he asserts that Triceratops was just a Jackson's chameleon with an oxygen boost allowing it to reach larger sizes.[41]

He states that feathered dinosaurs are all "baloney" and that Archaeopteryx was nothing more than a perching bird,[42] which raises the question as to whether or not he would consider Dromaeosaurids (raptors) like Deinonychus and Velociraptor as non-dinosaurs too, considering the skeleton of Archaeopteryx is basically a miniature version of theirs.[43][44] And it's been confirmed since 2007 that Velociraptor had feathers too,[45] though this info doesn't appear to have reached Hovind's son Eric, whose seminar Dinosaurs with Man includes featherless model "raptors" that look even more obsolete than the ones in the Creation Museum.

Finally, he is a believer in the existence of several purported surviving dinosaurs, including Nessie, the Zuiyo-maru carcass (later confirmed to have been a decomposing basking shark) and a large animal carcass discovered on Moore's Beach, California in 1925,[37] which was actually a rotting Baird's beaked whale.[46][47]

The Hovind "Theory"[edit]

Like many creationists (e.g., Nephilimfree and his Lunar bukkake hypothesis or Walt Brown's hydroplate theory), Hovind has developed his own interpretation of how the global flood came about, modestly naming his "theory" after himself.[48]

According to him, a -300°F[note 4] meteor on course for Earth fragmented; some pieces formed the rings around other planets or created Lunar craters.[49] Some fragments reached Earth and formed the North and South Poles, freezing the mammoths on their feet. The impact broke through the firmament, cracked the planet's crust and released the "fountains of the deep", causing ice age-like conditions (even though the Bible never mentions Noah's world being in a deep freeze). In the later months of the flood, ocean basins and mountain ranges were formed by shifting "unstable plates". As the post-flood centuries passed, the ice receded and formed the oceans, which in turn absorbed more carbon dioxide and atmospheric radiation, thus shortening human lifespans.[48]

Needless to say, there are numerous deal-breaking problems riddling Hovind's "theory". How a comet could provide so many trillions of gallons of water in extremely little time, without killing all living multicellular organisms, is a mystery. How Noah's Ark would survive raining space ice is, too, a mystery. And even the existence of a "firmament" should be immediately laughable.

Creation Science Evangelism[edit]

Creation Science Evangelism (CSE) was a batshit insane creationist webshite run by Kent Hovind.[50] Its bizarre claims have included such gems as artificial intelligence being somehow related to the Mark of the Beast[51] and silliness about Obama and microchips.[52] The editorial line seemed to dislike sane websites and people, and to be uncertain whether Snopes was run by one person or many. As CSE was run almost exclusively by Kent, it was a locus of hardcore creationism and its legacy continues in Hovind Junior's Creation Today.

The $250,000 Challenge[edit]

Before his incarceration, Hovind made this challenge:

The challenge was designed to be unwinnable. Using Hovind's rules, you could offer $250,000 for empirical evidence of the sun rising in the East, and your money would be safe. Eric Hovind has since discontinued the offer and no longer mentions it on any Hovind-related website.

There are three main flaws to Hovind's challenge:

  1. The challenge was allegedly judged by an anonymous committee hand-picked by Hovind. Any challenges that involve being judged by the offeror are legally unenforceable. No matter what the evidence presented, all the offeror has to say is "not satisfied" and nobody can collect.
  2. Hovind offered no proof — other than his word — that the money existed. By comparison, James Randi's diametrically opposed Million Dollar Challenge, for example, will give details of the JREF's prize account at Goldman Sachs upon request.
  3. Hovind demanded applicants prove that evolution is the only possible way life, the Universe and everything could have come into existence. Specifically, in order to win his "evolution" challenge, Hovind set these conditions:[54]
NOTE: When I use the word evolution, I am not referring to the minor variations found in all of the various life forms (microevolution). I am referring to the general theory of evolution which believes these five major events took place without God:
  1. Time, space, and matter came into existence by themselves.
  2. Planets and stars formed from space dust.
  3. Matter created life by itself.
  4. Early life-forms learned to reproduce themselves.
  5. Major changes occurred between these diverse life forms (i.e., fish changed to amphibians, amphibians changed to reptiles, and reptiles changed to birds or mammals).

Note that only #4 and #5 pertain to evolution. #1 is a matter of cosmology, #2 is astrophysics, and #3 is abiogenesis, a separate question in biology. Hovind claims that the theory of evolution posits that these five events took place without God. In fact, evolution makes no mention of God at all, let alone declaring that God does not exist. Indeed, many theists see evolution as compatible with their beliefs.

A number of people offered responses[55][56], but Hovind refused to forward the information to his committee, let alone give out the prize.

Lunar recession[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Lunar recession

Hovind believes that the moon is too close to the Earth to allow deep time. His specific calculations are only 0.0313% correct.

Videos and copyright issues[edit]

Since the early 1990s, Hovind has sold self-produced videos that went on to earn him two million dollars a year at his peak, which he refused to pay taxes on.[57][58]

Creation Seminar Series
  1. The Age of The Earth
  2. The Garden of Eden
  3. Dinosaurs and the Bible
  4. Lies in the Textbooks
  5. The Dangers of Evolution
  6. The Hovind Theory
  7. Questions and Answers
Topical Series
  1. Children's Video About Dinosaurs
  2. How To Make Money And Spend It God's Way
  3. Leviathan The Fire Breathing Dragon of Job 41
  4. Magic Tricks And How To Do Them
  5. Nails
  6. Public School Presentation
  7. Redeeming The Straw Man
  8. The Bible And Health
  9. Why Evolution Is Stupid
  10. More Reasons Why Evolution Is Stupid

Before his son took over the business, Hovind stated in his presentations that his material was not copyrighted and could be freely reused; in his seminars, he told his audience they were free to edit the tapes to remove things they didn't like, such as his jokes that offended people. However, when several YouTubers, particularly user Thunderf00t,[59] began using the videos for critiques, Creation Science Evangelism responded with DMCA takedown requests and claimed copyright ownership. In the end, Eric Hovind lost and the video rebuttals stayed online, but he modified the Creation Science Evangelism's policy to only allow reproduction of "unedited, unaltered" video in an effort to prevent editing for criticism.[60]

Various other creationist ideas[edit]

  • Neanderthals were nothing more than ordinary humans living to 300 years of age.[41]
  • While he states that God "invented music", he warns that Satan created "ungodly" music, though he doesn't specify the genre.[38]
  • Humans matured much more slowly before the flood, with children attaining adolescence at the age of forty.[61]
  • There was no salt in the oceans before the Flood,[61] and it probably never rained before then.[48]
  • A drop of water can cover the entire planet if spread thinly enough.[48]
  • Kangaroos left the Ark after the flood and "hopped" to Australia to escape from the lions[48] (only to end up in the jaws of giant ripper lizards, marsupial lions, thylacines and saltwater crocodiles).
  • Hyraxes are actually surviving Hyracotherium (a prehistoric horse) populations, despite the fact that hyraxes are more closely related to elephants and manatees. He also (wrongly) asserts that they are carnivores.[37]
  • Jackals (specifically black-backed and side-striped jackals) are within the same kind as wolves and domestic dogs, despite being so divergent that they can't even hybridize.[62]
  • Hyenas fall within the "dog kind", even though they're actually more closely related to cats and mongooses.[62] When called out on this, he maintained his position and, as proof of his assertion, stated that they are dogs because 3-year-olds identify them as such just by looking at them.[63]

One sign to rule them all[edit]

  • Kent carries this sign everywhere he goes.

  • Kent, this is an intervention.

  • We think this is a sign[note 8] that you can't see past her — Sign No. 1.

  • It's been 17 years since your first sign.

  • There's millions — no, billions — of signs out there, just waiting for you.

  • It's time for you to move on, find new signs.

Other astounding beliefs[edit]

Freeman on the Land[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Pseudolaw

“”I do not have or use an SS# ... Actually, no real person has a social security number. Notice on your SS card that your name is spelled with all capital letters. This designates the STRAW MAN business, trust or corporation not a person ...

—Kent Hovind[3]

According to Kent Hovind, Kent Hovind and KENT HOVIND are not the same person — in other words, defining him as an adherent to strawman theory.[64]

According to this twisted logic, the "strawman" KENT HOVIND was indicted — not the actual flesh-and-blood Kent Hovind. Accordingly, at his arraignment, Hovind attempted to enter a plea of "subornation of false muster"[65] — apparently an obsolete military term meaning "being ordered to say you showed up at roll call when you weren't actually there" — generating a fair amount of confusion and giggling among observers.

In a 1998 document filed with his local Clerk of Court, Hovind claimed to be a "sovereign American," declared he was not a "U.S. citizen," not part of the "'bankrupt' corporate government," and previously signed documents do not give an entity the ability to "falsely assume jurisdiction" over him or his wife.[66] This, in Hovind's eyes, severed all ties between Kent Hovind and KENT HOVIND. In 2001, nevertheless, he signed Kent E Hovind above a KENT E HOVIND signature line.[67]

Microchip madness[edit]

See the main article on this topic: RFID

Hovind has also claimed: "Not many folks realize it, but Obamacare Law HR3200, that NOBODY read before they voted for it, requires that everyone get an implanted micro-chip by March 23, 2013."[68] Unsurprisingly, this claim is false.[69] Apparently Kent never read the bill either, as the relevant section is rather boring, simply providing for the establishment of a registry "to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data" of various medical devices used in or on patients.[70]

Independent Baptist[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Independent Baptist

Hovind has described being raised in a Mennonite church[71] (he later wrote about being "raised" in Lutheran and Methodist churches[72]), but then became and remains an Independent Baptist, also called Independent Fundamental Baptist, saying he is "an unwavering, uncompromising fundamentalist."[71] He thinks that once everyone in the world becomes Christian, "we can continue our fight over other doctrinal distinctives."[71]

Biblical contradictions[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Biblical contradictions

“”“If I was God, I would write the [Bible] in such a way that those who don’t want to believe in me anyway would think they found something. ‘Aha, here’s why I don’t believe.' And then they could go on with their own life because they don’t want to believe God anyways. I would put things in there that would appear, without digging, to be contradictions. I don’t think that’s deceptive, I think that’s wise for the Heavenly Father to weed out those who are really serious.

—Kent Hovind[73]

Hovind is a staunch believer in biblical inerrancy, claiming that "The Scriptures do not contain error"[74] and, to boot, that the only accurate version of the English Bible is the King James Version.[75]


Hovind also believes that:

  • Zoroastrianism was founded around 600 BCE.[21] Most scholars actually state it was much earlier, around 1000 BCE.
  • Satan and God are equally powerful in Zoroastrianism.[21] In fact, Zoroastrians believe that Ahura Mazda (the "God" character) will banish Angra Mainyu (the "Satan" character) and bring about the end times, and then a savior figure will come along and raise up the dead. According to Hovind, in Zoroastrianism "a lack of importance [is] placed on God."
  • Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, which all are really evolution cults in disguise, made it easy for Communism to take over in China.[21]
  • Muslims believe heavily in evolution,[21] conveniently ignoring Islamic creationists like Harun Yahya and the fact that Muslims are about 50/50 on evolution versus creationism.[76]
  • Democrates is the founder of Atomism, rather than Democritus.[21]
  • Stalin's mass killings were done to "purify the Russian race,"[21] despite the fact that he was an ethnic Georgian.
  • Somewhat paradoxically, he believes that the Great Pyramid of Giza is "the Bible in Stone" and was not built by the Ancient Egyptians,[77] a belief once held by Charles Taze Russell, the founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses and a man who Hovind would likely consider a base heretic.
  • The Latin language somehow contributed to the decline of the Romans, and its continued use in scientific literature is "killing us now".[39]
  • Hitler's persecution of the Jews was Satan's "trial run" for the end time events against Christians.[61]
  • The book of Daniel predicts America's fall, the ascension of China, and the formation an anti-Christian Muslim alliance, as well as the birth of the Antichrist in Syria.[61]
  • Psalm 90:10 indicates that the Second Coming will occur in 2018 or 2028 (70-80 years after the formation of the State of Israel).[61]
  • HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) technology will be used by Satan's agents to project holograms of a "fake Jesus", Buddha, Allah, Muhammad, or the Virgin Mary into the sky to deceive people.[61]
  • The New World Order will withhold food from those lacking the mark of the beast (a microchip), and those refusing to submit to it will be beheaded.[61]

Legal problems from 1995 to 2006[edit]

Criminal tax-related convictions in 2006[edit]

In July 2006, Hovind was arrested and charged with 58 tax-related counts, including twelve counts of willful failure to withhold federal income taxes and FICA taxes from his employees' wages, forty-five counts of structuring transactions to evade reporting requirements, and one count of corruptly endeavoring to obstruct and impede the administration of the internal revenue laws.[87] At his first court appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Miles Davis, Hovind said "I still don’t understand what I'm being charged for and who is charging me" despite having access to both his indictment — listing all the charges — and an attorney to explain them to him.[88]

The government accused Hovind of breaking several laws, including intentionally and falsely misstating the conditions of employment for various employees to avoid paying the withholding tax of employees for his own financial benefit. In addition, the Pensacola News Journal reported the prosecution charged him with impeding an IRS investigation by "filing a frivolous lawsuit against the agency demanding damages for criminal trespass," "filing an injunction against an IRS special agent," "filing false complaints against the IRS for false arrest, excessive use of force and theft," and "making threats against investigators and those cooperating with the investigation."[89] The Pensacola News Journal also noted, "On the day the IRS searched the Hovind home, Kent Hovind withdrew $70,000 from the Creation Science Evangelism account. Half in a check; the other in cash."[90]WorldNetDaily, which is sympathetic to Hovind, reported that he "was accused of tax fraud because he called his employees missionaries and paid them in cash," and later was "convicted on those counts."[91][92]

Hovind did not offer a defense at trial to these charges.[93] Hovind's organization was not tax exempt and its revenue "appeared to constitute income to petitioner personally."[94] Employees testified that they did not consider it a church[95] and the prosecution explained that even if it were a church, churches are required to pay payroll taxes.[96] Hovind was also found to have intentionally made multiple withdrawals of around $9,500 to avoid the scrutiny that comes with withdrawing at least $10,000 from the bank, which accounted for 45 of the charges.

Hovind was jailed as a flight risk while awaiting sentencing. In early 2007, he was sentenced to a 10-year jail term and ordered to pay restitution, which by May 2013 was "$3.3 million in taxes and penalties".[97] His wife was sentenced to one year and one day.[98] Both have since filed several unsuccessful appeals.[99] The Eleventh Court of Appeals' ruling is quite a nice summary of all the evidence against him. In discussing the evidence, it noted in December of 2008 that:[100]

The government proved that Kent knew the tax laws required the collection and payment of withholding taxes, but he refused to comply. Employees of Evangelism Enterprises, peers, and legal counsel testified that Kent disputed the authority of the Internal Revenue Service based on the separation of the church and state, debated the interpretation and application of the withholding requirements, and intentionally characterized Evangelism Enterprises as a "church" and his employees as "missionaries" to avoid tax obligations. Kent had opined to attorney David Gibbs that he was "smarter" than other church officials who had forfeited real property after they refused to collect or pay withholding taxes… The evidence established that Kent and Jo Hovind structured cash transactions with knowledge of, and the intent to avoid, reporting of those transactions by AmSouth Bank… Substantial evidence established that Kent obstructed investigation of his tax offenses.

In January 2010, his final appeal was denied by the Supreme Court rejecting his petition.[101] Despite the overwhelming evidence of Hovind's crimes, some evangelical supporters claim that he is being persecuted as part of a government attack and want him set free, even creating various petitions.[102][103] The Pensacola News Journal on the other hand wrote: "Earth to 'Dr. Dino': Please pay your taxes and start facing reality," telling Hovind that "You got caught, so quit whining and take your punishment like a man."[104]

As of 2013, on Hovind's blog, he maintained his innocence "like scores of Bible characters".[105]

Little Red Riding Hovind and the Big Bad IRS[edit]

Kent Hovind earned millions — profiting additionally from tax dodging on every cent — with a judge noting that in 2003 alone, Hovind's operation earned a whopping $1,657,329 just in merchandise sales,[107] later growing to about $2 million.[108] Hovind and his wife have faced problems in United States Tax Court for not paying income tax.[109] In July 2006, the Tax Court found that Hovind was deficient in paying his federal income taxes in tax years 1995–97 in the amount of $504,957.24.[110] The judge ruled: "The organizational structure petitioner established for the above activities, including petitioner’s purported religious ministry and theme park, apparently was based on various questionable trust documents purchased from Glenn Stoll, a known promoter of tax avoidance schemes." Hovind appealed this ruling, but the court denied the appeal.[111] In 2012 a Tax Court judge noted that Hovind's operation "sold books and videotapes promoting antigovernment and tax-protester arguments," including Joe Sweet's “Good News for 1040 Filers” video, and the catalog description says that it “[e]xplains how income tax is voluntary for most people”.[112] The judge wrote that "Mr. Sweet has been permanently enjoined from '[o]rganizing, promoting, marketing, or selling the tax shelter, plan, or arrangement entitled ‘GOOD NEWS for FORM 1040 Filers'"[112] and the Justice Department called the injunction a "victory for IRS in battle against tax fraud promoters".[113] In a detailed 58-page ruling, a judge of the United States Tax Court wrote the following about Hovind's wife:[114]

Petitioner also contends that any fraudulent intent during the years at issue was attributable to Mr. Hovind. However, we find that it is more reasonable to infer from petitioner's course of conduct that her true intention was to conceal substantially all of her income and to take her chances that the fraud would not be discovered. Our finding is supported by the fact that she did not amend her returns until after respondent began a civil investigation in respect of her. Furthermore, the record shows that petitioner was an active participant in the operation of CSE and, along with Mr. Hovind, engaged in a course of conduct designed to conceal and mislead.

Hovind repeatedly said that he opposes teaching evolution on the grounds that public education was funded with his tax dollars.[115]

Also in 2006 his Dinosaur Adventure Land, a theme park in his backyard,[116] was largely shut down due to his refusal to secure a building permit. Hovind claimed that his "decision to build without permits from the county" is based on the Bible, questioning "Does the Escambia County, Florida civil government have jurisdiction over a Church of the Sovereign God of the universe?"[117] During a hearing, Hovind was mocked by the local county commissioner with the response that "Scripture also says 'Render unto Caesar what Caesar demands.' And right now, Caesar demands a building permit."[118] Following the criminal trial, Eric Hovind continued to operate the Dinosaur Adventure Land and Creation Science Evangelism, but renamed them the Creation Store and Creation Today, respectively.

Activity in prison from 2007 to present[edit]

Phone calls, blogging, books, interviews, and YouTube[edit]

Hovind was held in the local jail while awaiting sentencing. The Pensacola News Journal reported that "Although phones include warnings that conversations are recorded, he didn't mince words as he ran up eight hours of calls per week."[119]

The prestigious Patriot University campus

What is a thesis or dissertation anyway?

A thesis is a body of ORIGINAL research, and is one of the requirements for an advanced degree (M.A., M.S., Ph.D.). Whether this encompasses laboratory or field study (typical of the natural sciences), surveying and statistical analysis (typical of the social sciences) or a critical analysis of some facet of an earlier body of work (typical of the humanities),the key is that it must contain original and new data or theories that ADD to the body of existing knowledge, otherwise, it's just a glorified high school theme or term paper.

There are no prescribed lengths for these documents, although individual universities may require a certain minimum number of pages. In a recent biography of Carl Sagan, it was mentioned that his Ph.D. thesis was 85 pages long (Davidson, 107). Generally, it is the content rather than the length that is important in a thesis.

Once written and approved by the committee, a thesis is considered a completed document AND DOES NOT CHANGE in length or content. A person is certainly free to pursue the dissertation topic at greater length, and publish more on a particular issue or set of experimental data, but the thesis itself does not get amended.

Why a review? Why not just post the thesis?

Mr. Skip Evans, who has a website critiquing Kent Hovind, initially requested a copy of the dissertation from Kent Hovind with the idea of doing just that. Hovind replied that his copy had been lost in a move. Evans then requested, and with the permission of the author received, a copy of Hovind's dissertation from Patriot University in March 1999. Since that time, Evans repeatedly asked for permission to post the dissertation at his website. His communications were ignored until this recent email from Kent Hovind:

Anyone wishing to get a transcript of our current material to post on a web site or distribute to others is free to do so as long as no changes are made and credit is given including my name, address, and web site. Permission is given only for the most recent version to be posted. (1-16-00, Skip Evans email).

The last sentence is significant, and will be addressed later.

What is unusual about this?

A dissertation from an accredited college or university is available to anyone who wants to view it. There is usually a copy in the university library, and most universities require a thesis to be microfilmed and sent to a depository. A thesis is not as easy to view as an encyclopedia, but there are mechanisms by which these documents may be seen....BY ANYONE!

What Hovind says about his education, thesis, and critiques.

[Material accessed 1/10/00 from
"Where did you get your degree?"

Every once in a while someone will ask me the question, "Where did you get your degree?" While I am not the least bit ashamed of my education, I have learned by experience that they could be asking the question because they have come to the point where they cannot attack the message I bring against evolution so they wish to attack me personally instead. This is called an ad hominem argument. They mistakenly think that by belittling the man they have answered his points and won the debate. When the opponent in a debate begins using ad hominem attacks, it is an obvious signal that they are losing the debate on facts and must resort to other means to try to save face or divert attention. It is also interesting to watch how the evolutionists will spend much time and effort scrutinizing a subject like my degree or credentials yet won't spend 2 seconds scrutinizing how ridiculous the evolution theory is! They truly strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. Matthew 23:24

Back to the degree question. I took advanced math and science classes at East Peoria High School graduating in 1971. I earned my first 60 (+ or -) credit hours majoring in math and science at Illinois Central College in East Peoria, Illinois. I then transferred to Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan where I double majored in education and the Bible and graduated in 1974. (I took 18-20 hours each semester plus summer school to graduate in 3 years.) While I taught math and science in Christian schools for the next 15 years I took courses at several Bible colleges in my spare time. I finished my Masters (1988) and Doctorate (1991) degrees in education from Patriot University. At the time it was small Christian university in Colorado Springs that offered an extension program for people involved in full time ministries. I was taking courses from Patriot University (established 1980) while it was a ministry of Hilltop Baptist Church and offered a Ph.D. in education. I spent many years working on my degree and learned a lot - as anyone who has watched my debates with evolutionists or seminar series will testify. Long after I graduated, Patriot became independent of the church, moved their offices into a house and dropped the Ph.D. in their education program. Some ill informed scoffers have even circulated a picture of the house where they are now located. I don't understand their logic but evidently they think this somehow discredits me. Patriot allowed students to give offerings to the school instead of a regular tuition payment. Some scoffers have laughed at this idea yet they don't seem to realize how many thousands have gone through secular schools without using any of their own money via grants, scholarships or their parent's savings.

Some have ridiculed the size of the school. If Harvard offers a Ph.D. degree program with only 3 or 4 students (this happens at many schools- sometimes with only 1 student), does the small number automatically mean they are not "earning their degree" or that they are attending a "diploma mill" school? Of course not! Nearly all schools offer classes by correspondence.

My 250-page dissertation dealt with the subject of the effects of teaching evolution on the students in our public school system. My 20-year study of the creation evolutionism subject led me to start Creation Science Evangelism in 1991. I now speak over 700 times each year on the subject, have had 40+ debates and have been a guest on over 3500 radio and television talk shows. My itinerary is available from my office or on my web site, and any evolutionist interested in a public debate any place they chose is welcome to contact me to arrange a time while I am in their area. Since they think I don't have a degree, they can call me Kent, Mr. Hovind or even "hey you," if it will make them feel better. Since they don't think I am "properly educated" it should be easy for them to demonstrate how wrong I am and how much evidence there is for evolution. I should be a pushover, but I am willing to debate them anyway and run the risk of publicly embarrassing myself.

Obviously Hovind has been affected by criticisms of his education and thesis or he would not have written this rejoinder. What I intend to do in this review is discuss the accuracy of Hovind's remarks above, and then focus on the quality of the thesis itself. Because Hovind did not grant permission to post any part of his original thesis, there cannot be any direct quotations from this document.

Two discrepancies were obvious upon inspection.

(1)    The dissertation is NOT 250 pages in length. Patriot University sent Mr. Evans a dissertation that is 101 pages in length, including the dedication. The pages of Hovind's thesis are NOT numbered, so my references to page numbers start with the "Dedication" page being number one. There is no table of contents, but on pages five and six Hovind describes a thesis that has 16 chapters. The thesis that Mr. Evans received from Patriot University was a four-chapter thesis.

Recently, Hovind attempted to explain the discrepancy in an email exchange with Evans:

My dissertation was originally about 100 pages. I continued adding material and it grew to 250 pages. Over the last 10 years I have constantly been adding material. It is now many hundreds of pages and will be put into book form as time permits. (1-16-00, Skip Evans email)

This is a ridiculous statement. A dissertation does not continue to grow and (gasp) evolve beyond the completion of the degree. The thesis topic may be pursued, but the additional material is not added to the bound, completed, microfilmed, archived thesis!

(2)    The dissertation DOES NOT deal with the subject of "The Effects of Teaching Evolution on the Students in our Public School System". NONE of the four chapters of the Patriot University document addresses this subject, and - IT IS NOT EVEN ONE OF THE SUBJECTS MENTIONED IN THE TWELVE "MISSING" CHAPTERS!!! I agree that this would be a legitimate subject for an advanced degree in education, and that there might be methods to pursue it. However, there is no empirical evidence that Hovind did anything of the kind.

Hovind appears sensitive to criticism of Patriot University and implies that despite its small size and the fact that it is a correspondence school his education is legitimate and so is his degree. What I will show in the rest of this review is that the quality of this thesis, which was apparently accepted by Patriot University, falls WAY below what would be accepted at ANY regular university OR legitimate distance-learning facility. Neither the content nor the writing quality is Ph.D.-calibre by any stretch of the imagination.


    There is only one committee member, a Dr. Wayne Knight. Normally, a thesis must pass muster with 3-5 committee members, all of whom make suggestions and ultimately "sign off" on the thesis. Even the undergraduate honors theses at my institution require the signatures of two faculty members. 
    Misspellings are rampant. A careful, knowledgeable editor/adviser would never allow a student to get away with misspelling "Caanan", "Voltair", "Nyles Eldridge", Madelyn Murray "O'Hare" (just like the airport), "Shintu" (the Japanese religion), "peersuaded", "centrifical" (force!!!), "aught" (to!), "disippated", "immerged" (from the slime), or "epic" (as in geological!). "It's" is used as a possessive pronoun. There are several non sentences. This is especially interesting since the course catalog of PU offers courses like "Refresher English" and "Mechanics of Composition".

    THE THESIS HAS NO TITLE. There are no references or footnotes. A few partial citations are included in the body of the thesis, but they are not in standard form, and are incomplete. In at least two places (pp 65-66) the citation simply notes that there is a book title to be added. This has no place in a final version.

    The single illustration, the electromagnetic spectrum, is cut out of a science textbook and taped on; it does not fit the page. Additionally, there are substantial formatting errors typical of a draft, but not a final, version. The final version is printed on a dot-matrix printer, an absolute no-no, even in 1991.

    The Ph.D. is in "Christian Education", not "Education" - that's what the title page says. The coursework for the two degrees is substantially different, but as late as 1-10-00, Hovind still seems loath to advertising the "Christian" aspect of his degree. Curious that a Christian would leave that part out!

At this point Hovind would surely cry "sour grapes", though these conventions of format and style are typical, minimal and reasonable for a "real" Ph.D. It becomes more evident that this thesis fails as a Ph.D. dissertation when one examines the content.

As stated earlier in this review, a thesis is supposed to be a body of ORIGINAL research. A thesis contains original and new data or theories that ADD to the body of existing knowledge. This fundamental requirement, more than the length of a thesis, differentiates a thesis from a high school theme or term paper. PU says very little about the doctoral dissertation except "Minimum of 150 typewritten pages; a popular writing style is permitted for the dissertation" (1998 PU Catalog, 19). From the content of this particular thesis one can conclude that either Patriot University has substantially lower standards for content and style (than conventional degree-granting institutions) for its Ph.D., or that Hovind's thesis adviser never read the dissertation. A chapter-by-chapter description follows:


    The first sentence is a greeting, equivalent to "Hello, my name is Barney, the Big Purple Dinosaur". This may well reflect the "popular writing style" accepted by PU. At this point in time (no later than early 1991) Hovind already claims to be preaching about creation 400 times a year and has a weekly radio program (where he claims to have gotten some of the ideas for the thesis chapters). Though he states that as a science teacher he wants to keep an open mind, he also says that if the Bible says that something was created in a particular way, then that's just what happened. He admits that there is nothing new in the thesis, and it is just an explanation of the things that he has learned. Chapter descriptions are included: Chapter 1 is the history of evolution; chapter 2 is evolution as a religion; chapter 3 allegedly deals with the effects of evolution, and chapter 4, allegedly with the age of the Earth. The twelve missing chapters (reminiscent of the 12 lost tribes of Israel) are described also: the big bang (5), the geologic column (6), radiocarbon dating (7), cave men (8), archaeopteryx (9), creation of life in the lab (10), scientists who were/are creationists (11), the Genesis 1/2 conflict (12), dinosaurs in the Bible (13), whether dinosaurs are extinct (14), human and dinosaur footprints at Glen Rose (15), and an alternative theory to evolution (16). There are no chapters entitled "The Effects of Teaching Evolution on the Students in our Public School System".

CHAPTER 1 (38 pages)

   The first chapter demonstrates Hovind's abysmal grasp of the nature and scope of science and his inability to write at the postgraduate level. Hovind begins with a non-standard definition of evolution - that with time, things left to themselves can improve - and a ramble about thermodynamics. For the first time evolution is described as a religion (hang on to your hats). He then proceeds to a long pair of inaccurate definitions of microevolution and macroevolution. He finishes this section with a second misstatement about evolution by pinning the idea of "evolution = progress" on the evolutionists.

    Hovind then begins the actual purported history of evolution, starting with Satan, whom he believes fell from heaven about 100 years after the creation of Adam and Eve. It is alleged that the snake brought the theory of evolution to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. No Bible verses are cited to substantiate this assertion. Then there are nearly three pages of Biblical quotations dealing with pride and how God hates it. Pride and evolution are conjoined in Hovind's mind because evolution allegedly teaches that man is its ultimate product. Evolution proceeded through Cain, Hovind goes on, and continued to be propagated after the Flood (2400 BC), like a virus. Pride caused Ham to laugh at the naked Noah, so Ham's son, Canaan, was cursed! The virus traveled from Cush through Nimrod to the Tower of Babel (which Hovind says was built in 1900 BC). After the fall of Babel, the people dispersed all over the world and the religion of evolution (bing) went with them.

   Ancient Greek civilization, from Thales to Alexander, takes it on the chin next, with a regurgitation of the Henry Morris-type biographies that I saw when I visited the Institute for Creation Research. Since Hovind's only reference in this chapter is a passing mention of Henry Morris' The Long War Against God, I suspect that most of this material is rehashed from that book.

    Having trashed Western civilization, Hovind gives thumbnail sketches of Eastern religions (Hinduism, Confucianism, Zoroasterism, Buddhism, and Taoism), but has very little to say about how they relate to the subject of this chapter until the big whammy - Hovind alleges that communist takeovers of these countries were very simple because their religions did not place much importance on God. (Kinda makes you wonder how they did so well as civilizations until communist takeovers within the last 50-100 years. Evolution surely was with them since 1900 BC; see Hovind's date for the Tower of Babel). According to Hovind, evolution also made an easy entry into these cultures, as it did not challenge the existing religions. It is interesting that there is no mention of evolution in Chinese or Indian literature, and that it took a couple of mid-nineteenth century Europeans to formulate the theory of evolution!

    After a page of digression about how to reach people who have been brainwashed by evolution, Hovind takes on the early Christians. Clement tried to make God a pantheist God; the Alexandrians rewrote parts of the Bible; Origen taught Genesis as a myth; Augustine was a theistic evolutionist. Islam is squeezed in here also, and it is alleged that this religion accepts evolution. Tell that one to your favorite Islamic fundamentalist! No supporting evidence or references are given for any of these assertions.

    Hovind then concentrates on the secular, early evolutionary thinkers, and it is here that the poor writing style is most evident. These short, choppy biographies include more commentary on lifestyle than on science. Since I am precluded from direct quotations, but want to make the reader aware of the style, here is the identical sentence structure of one of the biographies, substituting Charles Darwin as the subject of the biographical sketch:

He was born in 1809 and died about 1880. He was very anti-Christian and tried to influence anyone he could not to believe in God. He was very full of godless ideas. He was a very avid agnostic, racist, and an evolutionist. He believed in a great infinite age of the universe. He was very influential in furthering the ideas of evolution, particularly in the country of England.

Substantial numbers of sentences are of the "He was" or "He did" type. This is not typical of postgraduate-level writing; high schools and colleges encourage complex, varied and interesting sentence structure.

    Voltaire's connections to Abbe de Chateuneuf are mentioned, only to   observe that the latter might be a homosexual.

    Erasmus Darwin is described as a very fat, immoral doctor. The number of legitimate children (12) and illegitimate children (2) are listed, as is this Darwin's tendency to have affairs.

    The section on Lyell is shot through with flood geology and references to II Peter 3 (the scoffers verse). It is mentioned that Lyell was a lawyer by trade, not a geologist. Though any good history of science book details the development of the geologic column in the years prior to Lyell, Hovind inaccurately states that Lyell developed the column. Darwin's contributions are summarized as a justification for nasty social consequences like child labor and sweatshops.
    Karl Marx, Alfred Russel Wallace, and Thomas Huxley all end up with more verbiage than does Darwin. The racism prevalent in the mid-1800s is exploited and is supported by a 1926 magazine quotation! This is a recurring theme with Hovind today, who seems oblivious to the fact that the Christians of that time period tended to have the same racist ideas. Haeckel and the recapitulation theory are tied to Adolf Hitler and as a justification for abortion. Freud is mentioned briefly, as are Julian and Aldous Huxley, the latter being blamed for the drug culture of the 1960s.

    The chapter concludes as Hovind blames Shintoism (which Hovind claims is based on evolution), for what Japan did in World War II.

CHAPTER 2 (12 pages)

    This chapter begins with the assertion that evolution is a religion (bing) and that there is no empirical evidence to substantiate it. Rather than attempting to support this statement, however, Hovind discusses the removal of prayer from the public schools and spends the next three pages discussing four options for alleviating the evolution/creation controversy: Teach evolution only (which he says is done now), teach creation only, teach them both, or teach nothing concerning origins. While these options may be worthy of discussion, they are not germane to the topic at hand.

    The remainder of this chapter is largely a discussion of Humanist Manifesto and Humanist Manifesto II and an attempt to link the theory of evolution to humanism, thereby making it a religion. There are also undated and uncited quotations by "evolutionists" such as Sir Arthur Keith: "Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We believe it because the only alternative is special creation and that is unthinkable". From this, Hovind concludes that evolution is a religion (bing), and restates this one page later (bing). After a lament about how preachers are portrayed in movies and TV, Hovind digresses to an attack on what he perceives as the lack of transitional forms in the fossil record using out-of-context and uncited quotations by Gould and Eldredge, D.S. Woodruff, and a 1980 Newsweek article. One last mention of evolution-as-religion (bing) and an evolution-as-faith (bing), and the chapter concludes with Romans 1:21 (cutting off in the middle of verse 28) and an undated, uncited letter-to-the-editor by Hovind.

    In this last section Hovind perpetuates the creationists' oft-repeated-but-never-cited Arthur Keith quotation. The quotation is probably really revised from a D.M.S. Watson quotation in a 1929 article in the journal Nature. Even if it is somehow traceable to Arthur Keith (1866-1955), it is outdated and probably out-of-context.

CHAPTER 3 (17 pages)

    One gets a real sense of deja vu when reading this chapter because large portions are EXACT, VERBATIM PARAGRAPHS from Chapter 2. Pages 60-61 are identical to pages 50-51; page 56 is repeated nearly verbatim on page 63 and again on page 64. The Newsweek quotation on page 55 shows up intact on page 65; D. S. Woodruff, as well as Gould and Eldredge from page 55, are reprised on page 66.

    There are only six pages of the seventeen that legitimately deal with the effects of evolution, which Hovind believes are Hitler/the Shintu [sic] religion/WWII, Stalin and Communism, and the fact that evolution does not "lock-step" with his traditional "linear" scientific method. There is also an attempt to link evolution with acceptance of abortion. The sole supporting evidence for any of these assertions is an ICR Impactarticle about Stalin. Towards the end of the chapter evolution (or the waste of class time teaching it) is blamed for the crisis in science education, and the fact that students in other countries score higher than US students (never mind that many of them come from countries where evolution is taught without apology).

    The remaining eleven pages are composed of a disjointed ramble about how great it is to live in a free country where we are free to discuss these issues (not great enough, apparently, to pay income taxes!), and a lament for those (foreign and domestic) who reject the Bible. The evolution-as-religion (bing) mantra continues. There is another inaccurate description of microevolution and this is followed immediately by a Scientific America [sic] quotation about the inflationary universe and an exhortation for those who want to teach evolution to start private schools. More partially-cited quotations by "evolutionists" are used to "prove" that since evolution cannot be detected within the lifetime of a single observer, it's a religion (bing) , and yet another evolution-as-religion (bing) statement. A discussion about the separation of church and state follows, including an assertion that the first amendment precludes the teaching of evolution because evolution is a religion (bing). After repeating the Gould/Eldredge, Woodruff and Newsweek quotations about transitional forms, Hovind closes the section by saying again that both creation and evolution are just religious beliefs (bing).

    The last three pages of this chapter are a rehash of Hovind's caricature of evolution (no fossil record, no observation, no experimentation, evolution-as-religion (bing)). Rather than drawing his evidence about the effects of evolution (sparse as it is) to a conclusion, the chapter ends with a discussion of life on the moon and the pads the lunar lander needed because scientists feared a deep layer of cosmic dust!

I have focused on the content of this chapter in particular to demonstrate Hovind's inability to stick to the topic, which was, after all, the EFFECTS of evolution. If one read the chapter without knowing the title, one would be clueless about its subject. Hovind has success in some debates because he uses the same style: no issues are discussed in depth and he can flit rapidly from flower to flower. He refuses to participate in long-term exchanges via the Internet or other media where these issues can be discussed in depth and where his material is easily refuted (and HAS BEEN refuted).

CHAPTER 4 (27 pages)

    The repetitive style continues. As an example, I have retained Hovind's sentence structure in his introductory paragraph on time, but changed the subject to a discussion of money:

First we will look at the subject of money. Lack of billions of dollars is the Achilles heel to [sic] Democrats. If there isn't a lot of money, the argument is absolutely over. Money is essential to the Democrats. Their entire argument is built on the premise that there is plenty of money.    

    Rather than continuing on the topic of time, Hovind spends the next four pages digressing on the apostle Paul's vision of heaven, that God is not locked into time, and that in heaven there will be no time. A further digression talks about the electromagnetic spectrum (hence the textbook cut-out of the electromagnetic spectrum), and an explanation of the fact that there are other "colors" that the eye can't see; yet that does not mean that these colors don't exist. The conclusion is that just as a blind person accepts that there are colors by faith, we who have limited senses also admit by faith that God exists. The makings of a philosophical argument, perhaps, but not germane to the age of the Earth.

    When he returns to the age of the Earth, Hovind asserts that its age can be reasonably estimated by adding up the "begats" in the Bible. He ties the publication ofOrigin of Species to the falling-away of Christians from the 6000 year-old-Earth (ignoring the huge body of evidence that the age of the Earth had been a subject of controversy way before Darwin). He blasts gap-theory creationists and mistakenly says that theistic evolutionists consider the six days of creation in Genesis to be longer geologic ages (some might, but this is characteristic of "day-age" creationism). Scientists are accused of being deceitful by selecting only the few dates that confirm a great age of the Earth and ignoring all evidence for a young Earth. No confirming evidence is offered.

    Hovind's "proofs" of a young Earth are from Henry Morris' list and largely unchanged on his website today, despite numerous rebuttals by scientists (including those from other young-Earth creationist organizations like the ICR). They include the old "dust-on-the-moon" argument, lack of helium, presence of comets, the slowing of the Earth's spin, and the "declining magnetic field" theory. After a slight digression about not being able to measure the distances to the stars accurately, he returns to the subject at hand, believing the Earth to be six to seven thousand years old. The supporting evidence for this belief is that he taught high school science for fourteen years, college level science for three years, and he knows that "science" has been wrong before. He specifically notes that once it was thought that the Earth was flat (gee, where did they get that idea I wonder?), and at one time bloodletting was used to cure illnesses. Because of this, much of modern science is wrong!

    A radical gearshift then occurs and it appears that Hovind is writing a conclusion of sorts. He returns to the evolution controversy, Darwin, and missing links, and then within a paragraph is back to the age of the Earth, this time ragging on Ken Taylor, the author (?) of The Living Bible. It seems that this translation tends toward a day-age interpretation. In the same paragraph, he associates Communism with evolution. A quick Gish frog-to-prince story and then it's back to proofs of a young Earth: coral reefs, bristlecone pines, and the pressure of oil wells (All of these "proofs" are "oldies-but-goodies" and have been refuted elsewhere). His total ignorance of plate tectonics is apparent when he discusses the ocean floor and continental erosion. Actually, I take that back: he attributes plate tectonics to evolutionists .... never mind that this theory surfaced a hundred years after Darwin! He finishes with an argument about the recession of the moon, actually stating that scientists taught for years that the moon was pulled from the Pacific Ocean and that this is offered as an explanation for volcanoes in Hawaii. George Darwin, Charles's son, did offer a "fission" hypothesis in 1880 but no serious scientist has considered it as a possibility in the 20th century. Someone who has taught high school science for fourteen years should be aware of this fact. Though he provides NO recession speed for the moon, Hovind states that by multiplying the recession speed by the presumed evolutionary age, the moon should be much further from the Earth than it is. Finally, he cites Kelvin, incorrectly stating that Kelvin thought that the Earth was thousands of years old (it was actually at least tens of millions of years old according to Kelvin). After one last slap at day-age theory and The Living Bible (effectively repeating pages 85-86), Hovind finishes with the classic Henry Morris population argument for a young Earth.

    Citing Matthew 19:4, that Jesus said Adam and Eve were created in the beginning, Hovind finishes by saying that the lies about the age of the Earth are all from Satan. The document ends here.


    It is almost unheard-of to advertise the length of one's Ph.D. dissertation. One is forced to conclude that by doing so, Hovind is attempting to dazzle his largely scientifically-illiterate audience with the large number of pages. However, there is no 250 page dissertation; when one subtracts the duplicated material, the document is 95-96 pages. The "I added material to it later" excuse is in the same league as "My dog ate my homework". Hovind demands empirical evidence for evolution, yet there is NO EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE that there ever was a 250 page dissertation! If a 250 page thesis exists, Hovind could silence his critics by producing a document of the purported length that was obviously written in 1991.

    The topic of this dissertation DOES NOT HAVE anything to do with the effects of evolution in the public schools  Instead it is a hodge-podge of recycled, discredited, young Earth ideas, digressions into Bible stories and quotations, and a litany of "Evolution-as-religion" statements, embedded almost in 1984 manner into the text. If Hovind wished to silence his critics, he could do so by posting a 250-page document on THE EFFECTS OF TEACHING EVOLUTION ON THE STUDENTS IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM with evidence that supports its 1991 origin.
    No original thought is presented. This is nothing more than a rehash of long-discredited theories. It is a rambling, low-quality book report, sans the references. It is not an original, thoughtful, coherent body of knowledge. To award a Ph.D. for this is a travesty and an insult to anyone who has actually worked to achieve one.

    Ad hominem, shominem! No one, regardless of race, color, sex or religious background should be able to produce a work of this quality and claim an advanced degree. If Stephen Jay Gould had produced a thesis like this, I would be writing about him.
    If Patriot University did, in fact, accept this dissertation and award a Ph.D. in Christian education, then it does fall into the category of a diploma mill, for the reasons listed below.

--- There is no original research presented.

--- Large portions of the dissertation are repeated. Formatting errors are rampant.

---References are absent.

  --- Spelling errors that are typical of high school (but not college) writing are present in this document.

--- The writing style, "popular" or not, is typical of high school-level writing, not college, and certainly not postgraduate. The writing style, as well as Hovind's lectures, are reminiscent of drive-by shootings, where many disjointed topics are presented in rapid-fire order (so as to not allow the reader or listener to really think about any particular topic).

Kent Hovind says (in his statement above) that he doesn't care whether he is addressed as "Mr." or "hey you" by the scoffers. In fact, his Ph.D. is very precious to him or he would not be listed as "Dr. Kent Hovind" in the Pensacola, FL, phone book (it is very unusual for a person with a Ph.D., even a real one, to do this). One has only to look at his itinerary to substantiate my claim that being called "Doctor" is very important to him.

It is certainly possible for a person to acquire expertise in a scientific field by studying that topic independently. However, such a person does not claim to have an advanced degree in the field.  There is NO EVIDENCE that Kent Hovind has more than a college sophomore level of course work in ANY science. There is NO EVIDENCE from his thesis that he is widely-read in the areas of evolution, astronomy, geology, paleontology or even the history of science beyond what is written in a few young-Earth creationist books. There is ABUNDANT EVIDENCE that the requirements for a Ph.D. degree from Patriot University fall far below those of typical secular or religious institutions.

Ask yourself whether you would visit a medical doctor, an auto mechanic, a plumber, or an investment counsellor with similar dubious credentials. If so, then Hovind is your science guy! Or see him for what he is, the snake-oil salesman, peddling salvation and pseudo science in the late 20th century and even unto the 21st century.

I join the ever-growing list of those who challenge Kent Hovind to clarify his background in the sciences and participate in an in-depth, web-based discussion of his assertions and ideas. This Ph.D. dissertation might be a good place to start.


1. Davidson, K. Carl Sagan: a Life. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1999.

2. Hovind, K. Available from http://web.archive.org/web/20010816220051/www.drdino.com/FAQs/FAQmisc13.jsp. Accessed 1-10-00.

3. Patriot University 1998 Course Catalog.

Addendum: my qualifications to assess the dissertation

Mr. Skip Evans acquired a copy of Kent Hovind's Ph.D. thesis from Patriot University in March of 1999 (the dissertation was released with the permission of the author). Mr. Evans requested input from several people who have written Ph.D. theses or who have advised people on their theses. My own Ph.D. (in organic chemistry) was completed in 1988. 

I proof read and critiqued my husband's entomology Ph.D., have read and critiqued two other organic chemistry Ph.D. theses and have read other theses in a variety of fields. For the last eight years I have been on the faculty of a small liberal arts college that emphasizes writing across the curriculum. Our curriculum includes designated "writing" courses where writing excellence is expected. Even though my subject area is chemistry, I teach two of these "W" courses, and am quite accustomed to assessing college-level writing. Furthermore, some of our students transfer from Hovind's first "alma mater", Illinois Central College, so I am aware of the level of writing expertise typical of a 20-year-old student from Central Illinois. I am also well-acquainted with Hovind's website and presentations.

NOTE:  My Ph.D. thesis contains the following statement:  "In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment for a doctoral degree at Montana State University, I agree that the Library shall make it available to borrowers under the rules of the Library.  I further agree that copying of this thesis is allowable only for scholarly purposes, consistent with 'fair use' as described in the U.S. Copyright Law.  Requests for extensive copying should be referred to University Microfilms International, 300 North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48106, to whom I have granted 'the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute copies of the dissertation in and from microfilm and the right to reproduce and distribute by abstract in any format.'"   There are tens of thousands of Ph.D. dissertations archived at University Microfilms.




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