Sap Error Requires An Assignment To A Co Object

Hi experts can anybody post answer for the same, exchanger rate gain/loss how it will com entry with (T-code, posting key & where gain/loss gl a/c to be assigned? it is quit urgent. regards, Archana

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I got trained in Ameerpet for FICO module.The training was just good for FI module and not good at all for CO module. I want to be confident in CO module as well. I checked a number of CO materials ,including Satyanarayna sir. In all of them topics like CO-PA , Product Costing are either missing completely or not up to the expected level. Can any one suggest a good material for CO with the following topics CO-PA ( valuation, summarization levels, planning,reports etc) Product costing(Prod cost planning, Actual Costing /ML , Product costing by period/sales order/order etc)?

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assets how upload in LSMW

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Can we make Asset as a Cost Element? What is rollout. for this what are the requirements.. how to do the process...?

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hi can anybody help me.In year 2007 Ihave completed PGDBM (FIN) after completing this I found that there is no opening for pgdbm (fn) fresher they either have to opt for marketing job or join any callcentre for getting finance job.thereafter someone have suggested me to do SAP FI i did SAP FI but after completing this I again found that there is no demand for SAP FI fresher although our institute have given me faqe experience but they have not given any live project training or any interview training now i dont know whether to concentrate on SAP fi job or pgdbm fin job Im in great depression lease someone help me &tell me the way where to go

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What is new GL? What are the steps for configuring New GL? How is it different from its older counterpart? What are the advantages of having new GL?

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how do u upload asset ?

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ageing process in a/r?

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Hi Friends, I have configured the tax on sale and purchase, if I select “calculate taxes on net amount” in editing option then it calculate the tax correctly. But I want to calculate the tax out of gross amount of the invoice. For example I get a invoice for Rs. 20,000/- and now I want to calculate the tax out of Rs. 20,000/- (20000/1.04=19230 taxable amount and tax is 770/-). I would be appreciate if any body can help me in this regard and tell me the configuration of the same. Regards Anil Kumar

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What are the main interface used in SAP FICO? Also what is the use of BAPIs in sap fico?

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What is automatic payment programmer?

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Maximum How many Special GL's can we assign/use to Company Code.

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Dear All,

We have prepay for equipment and trying to run these prepaid through the project. We need to post into this prepaid GL account.

We are unable to create an account assignment to PO to the Prepaid account and a WBS, we received the following message:

 GL account 108000 cannot be used (Please Correct). 

Message no. ME045



Comparison of the field selection strings from the G/L account 108000 and the account assignment category P reveals that there is an incompatible combination of field selections for the field selectiongroup 'Network'.


The G/L account field selection is stored in table T004F; that for the

account assignment is stored in table T162K.



Please enter a correct G/L account.


  • In TC OBC4 what status field for GL do I select to compare with TCode OME9 status field for Account Assignment Category?


Can you please let me know what to compare in Account assignment Category field and GL account to ensure that these are in sync with each other.


Thank you


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