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National Postsecondary Student Aid Study

The National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS) is a large survey of college students to gather data on how they paid for school. It is conducted every 3-4 years by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) at the US Department of Education.

The NPSAS is the largest survey of its kind. The 2003-2004 NPSAS surveyed about 80,000 undergraduate students and 11,000 graduate and professional students. The 2007-08 NPSAS surveyed about 114,000 undergraduate students and 14,000 graduate and professional students. This is a statistically significant representative sample of the student population.

The NPSAS's PRIVAID variable (PRIVAIDR in 1989-1990) contains information about private sector scholarships from "outside" sources. It excludes government, employer and institutional aid, such as athletic scholarships. The following tables provide statistics for graduate and undergraduate students based on this variable.

Undergraduate students includes students at 2-year schools in addition to 4-year schools. If the data is restricted to students at 4-year schools, 9.6% of undergraduate students received private scholarships worth $2,184 on average in 2003-04 and 8.3% of undergraduate students received private scholarships worth $2,796 on average in 2007-08. Students at 4-year colleges represent 71.5% of scholarship recipients in 2003-04 and 77.0% of scholarship recipients in 2007-08. If we further restrict the data to just the students who were enrolled full-time at 4-year institutions, 12.1% of students, or about 1 in 8, received scholarships worth $2,223 on average in 2003-04 and 10.6% of students, or about 1 in 10, received scholarships worth $2,815 on average in 2007-08. Full-time students at 4-year schools represented 63.2% of scholarship recipients in 2003-04 and 69.4% of scholarship recipients in 2007-08.

NPSAS Undergraduate Students
Study YearAverage Scholarship AmountPercentage Receiving ScholarshipsNumber of RecipientsAmount of Awards
1989-1990$1,320.703.2%526,000$695 million
1992-1993$1,440.523.5%638,974$920 million
1995-1996$1,560.913.5%577,000$900 million
1999-2000$2,050.846.9%1,141,000$2.34 billion
2003-2004$1,982.026.7%1,276,000$2.53 billion
2007-2008$2,523.315.5%1,152,300$2.91 billion

NPSAS Graduate Students
Study YearAverage Fellowship AmountPercentage Receiving FellowshipsNumber of RecipientsAmount of Awards
1995-1996$3,233.402.4%66,000$213 million
1999-2000$3,857.505.2%138,000$532 million
2003-2004$3,557.105.5%154,000$548 million
2007-2008$5,796.713.7%127,000$736 million

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